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Finding, buying, and fitting wipers can be terribly inconvenient and wildly overpriced. offers top-notch wiper blades that are easy to replace and competitively priced. Say goodbye to the old way of changing your windshield wipers.

Big Savings!

Save up to 50% compared to what you'd pay at auto shops and other retailers. Get top-quality wiper blades without breaking the bank.

Hassle-Free Replacements

Clix wiper blades are known for their simple and quick installation, taking mere seconds to replace. Clix Wipers are the ultimate DIY wiper with easy click-on installation.  No need for a mechanic or any assistance.  Even if you're a wiper pro, you'll appreciate the ease of replacement.

A Better Experience

Free Shipping included!

Fit and Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Easily find your wipers with our vehicle lookup. No more fumbling through books or choosing from an aisle full of wiper blades. Use's easy vehicle lookup and get the wipers you need delivered to your door.

The Best Product at the Best Value

Get exceptional wiper blade performance with Clix Silicone+ wiper blades equipped with a water beading rain-repellent. All this at a cost 40% lower than rival silicone wipers.


Wipers for Heavy Duty Truck, Bus, RV, and More offers the largest assortment of wiper blades to fit the widest range of vehicles. With wiper blades from 8" to 40", we have what you need.

Huge Savings for Fleets and Garages

Small or large fleets, garages, shops, and dealers can save time and money by buying our Dealer and Fleet Packs of Wiper Blades. Wiper Blades to fit Passenger Vehicles, Heavy Duty Vehicles, Buses, RVs, and more.

Make the switch

Don't settle for mediocre overpriced wipers. Give up the hassle of going to the store, examining an aisle full of wipers only to be overcharged and under satisfied in quality and experience.  Choose for a smart, convenient, and affordable way to keep your vision clear on the road.


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