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Wiper Arm Identification

  • J-Hook

    Found in numerous sizes from 7mm wide to 12mm wide. By far the most popular are the 9x3 (small) and 9x4 (large) hook arms.

  • Offset J-Hook

    A hook arm that connects to the side of the blade, instead of the middle of the frame.

  • Reverse Hook

    9x4 hook found on 1994 to 1996 Camaro and Firebird. There were three different versions, each with different bends in the arm.

  • BMW Reverse Hook

    9x4 hook found on 1989 to 1996 BMW 5 Series.

  • Bayonet

    Popular arm of the 60’s and 70’s, usually 7mm wide but 8mm was used on some European vehicles.

  • Side Pin

    Almost exclusively on US manufactured vehicles. Sizes are 3/16” (small) or 1⁄4” (large).

  • Side Lock

    The blade swivels on the pin and a side lock tab holds the blade on the pin. This version has a 22mm saddle. A smaller version has a 17 mm saddle.

  • Short Side Lock

    It looks like a Side Lock (SL) arm, but the saddle on this arm is only 17mm wide. It is only used on some BMW models.

  • Top Button

    22mm wide saddle. The standard width for most arms of this style. Currently used on Mercedes SL and S Class.

  • Top Button

    (Formerly Narrow Top Button) - 19mm wide saddle. A slimmer version of the Top Button used by Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

  • Top Button Slotted

    15.7mm wide saddle with slots in the side of the arm to prevent the blade from falling out the bottom. Currently used on Prius, some Mazda models and Lexus NX.

  • Pinch Tab

    Used on BMW Series 5 and 6 for limited years. It first appears the same as the standard pinch, but the blade is connected in a totally different manner. Pinch the tabs and slide the blade forward to remove.

  • Pinch Tab - BMW

    15mm wide saddle. Two tabs are pinched together and the blade swivels off the front of the arm.

  • RL/PT

    Actually incorporates two methods of
    attachment... Roc-Loc and Pinch Tab. Used on 2005 to 2011 Audi A6.

  • A&M

    Only used on limited models of Audi and Mercedes.

  • Mercedes Lift & Slide (L&S)

    Only used on some Mercedes-Benz models starting in 2015.

Rear Wiper Arm Identification

  • Roc-Loc 2 (A)

    Uses Type A Rear Wiper Blades.

  • Roc-Loc 3 (B)

    Uses Type B Rear Wiper Blades.

  • Slide Pinch (C)

    Uses Type C Rear Wiper Blades.

  • Snap Claw (D)

    Uses Type D Rear Wiper Blades.

  • V-Notch (G)

    Uses Type G Rear Wiper Blade With Cover.

  • Cross Pin (G)

    Uses Type G Rear Wiper Blade.

  • Top Button (H)

    Uses Type H Rear Wiper Blade. Double Post Blade With Top Button Adapter.

  • Pinch Tab 11 (I)

    Uses Type I Rear Wiper Blade, Double Post With Pinch Tab Adapter.

  • Trunnion (I)

    Use Type I Rear Wiper Blade, Double Post Without Adapters.

  • Snap Claw (J)

    Uses Type J Rear Wiper Blades. Two Profiles: One is used on 10",11",12" is most common.

  • Roc-Loc 4 (K)

    Uses Type K Rear Wiper Blades.

  • Snaw Claw (M)

    Uses Type M Rear Wiper Blades. Found on Focus, Fiesta, and some Saab vehicles.

  • Snap Claw (V-Volvo)

    Used on the rear of some
    Volvos 2001 - 2007.

  • Roc-Loc 2 (Toyota 4Runner)

    For 03-09 Toyota 4 Runner. This arm has a cut-out for the parking guide on the OE blade.

  • Veloster

    Found only on Veloster vehicles. We currently do not sell this rear wiper blade.


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